Lisa Ferrazzoli founded The International Preschool in 1989, and is considered a pioneer of early childhood education in Sweden.

Lisa was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. She gained a degree in education from Salve Regina University in 1982. Upon moving to Sweden, she found that the cultural similarity in Sweden at the time, did not fully reflect the increasingly multicultural world which, she believed, was important for a growing child to experience. Thus, in October 1989, The International Preschool was born at her apartment in Majorna.

In 1995, the Headmaster of The International School of Gothenburg Region (ISGR), Gunnar Backman, invited The International Preschool to open a second preschool location in a vacant building on their school grounds. The International Preschool - Guldheden then opened its doors.

Ten years later, in January 2005, The International Preschool opened its third preschool on Hisingen due to popular demand. The International Preschool - Biskopsgården is currently the largest of all locations with 82 children attending.

In 2011, The International Preschool was invited to open yet another preschool location on the campus of The English School of Gothenburg (ESG), and so The International Preschool - Älvsborg opened in February 2012.

The International Preschool is currently the oldest bilingual preschool in Gothenburg.