The International Preschool follows the Swedish curriculum for preschools which is in accordance with the play-based and open mentality of the organization. For more information about the Swedish curriculum please see the PDF Library, or visit 

The International Preschool works actively on incorporating the Ideology into daily routines. This includes providing children with the tools they need to become more open-minded to diversity in our society, and thus become more accepting and understanding global citizens. The method is to highlight each child as an individual, and focus on helping them develop their own unique identity. 

With security in their own identity, the children have the best start in life and are able to meet the world with knowledge, curiosity and respect.

Letterland - is a child-friendly phonics based programme for teaching children to read, write and spell. The programme originates from England and is used all over the world especially for teaching English as a second language. For more information visit the Letterland website.

Second Step - is a programme that teaches social and emotional skills to the children and develops their EQ (emotional quota). It works by helping the children to understand their feelings, how to manage them, and provides them with empathy skills that they are able to use in everyday life. For more information visit their website