When we have vacancies, we consult our waiting list to find new children. Siblings of children currently enrolled at The International Preschool will be prioritised. 

Each Preschool location has its own waiting list, and you are offered three preferences on your application. Depending on how many options you choose, you can be on up to three separate waiting lists which vary in length. This means that you may first be offered a place at your second choice of location if a vacancy becomes available there. You can then choose to accept or decline the offer. Should you decline the offer, your child will be removed from that location's waiting list. 

Our primary admissions take place in August each year with the start of the autumn term. Vacancies occasionally open up in the middle of term, in which case the family that is first on the waiting list for that location will be contacted and offered a place.

Fees for Preschool 

The International Preschool follows the Swedish rules of "MaxTaxa" which means that the fee you pay as a parent/guardian is based on your household income, the age of your child, and the number of children you have in Preschool. 

Please see our PDF Library for further information.