Important dates –Autumn term 2020  

3rd August  

Preschool opens for the new term

4th September   

Teachers Study Day in Guldheden and Majorna – Reduced service

7th September 

Teachers Study Day in Biskopsgården and Älvsborg – Reduced service

9th November 

16th November 


Teachers Study day- Guldheden and Majorna - Reduced service 

Teachers Study day- Biskjopsgården and Älvsborg - Reduced service


24th and 25th December 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday) 

28th, 29th and 30th December

Reduced service 

31st December 

Preschool Closed (Swedish hoilday) 



Spring term 2021


1st January

Preschool Closed (Swedish Holiday)

4th January

Preschool opens for the new term

6th January 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday)

8th March 

Teachers Study Day  – Reduced service


2nd April 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday)

5th April 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday)

13th May 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday)

17th May 

Teachers study day in Guldheden - Reduced service  

21st May 

Teachers study day in Älvborg- Reduced service

24th May 

Teachers study day in Biskopsgården- Reduced service

28th May 

Teachers study day in Majorna - Reduced service

25th June 

Preschool Closed (Swedish holiday) 

9th July 

Last day of term 


Reduced service days

Childcare will be provided for children whose parents/ guardians are working or studying. IPS will have one of our four locations open on this day, the children will not be with their regular teachers as they will be attending the study day.


Please email if you are in need of childcare on these days at least one month before the date.


IPS reserves the right to request a letter (intyg) from your employer or place or study.